Bushie Two-Slit Experiment

No worries, mate. As demonitization sends half the techno-planet BACKWARDS, Bushie remains just as important to at least half the world who grapple daily with simple surivial, even if or while they carry their cell-phone in the bush. The virtuality is another trope based on the [incorrect] notion that what we’ve already experienced in the past was “real.” Clearly, there was no socio-political truth in the cultural engineering of humanity, and truisim is likely to hold. Mostly nobody knows what is going on. We know who isn’t in control of the avalanche of change, but we don’t know who is in control, and that notion itself is a fantasy.

Enough of a pretzel twist for you?

Let’s post this digital ‘walkabout’ to The Bushy

Blue skies,
Iona Miller, iona_m@yahoo.com
“May Your Lead Turn to Gold”

— On Fri, 7/24/09, Paul Wildman wrote:

> From: Paul Wildman
> Subject: FW: RIP Bushy
> To: “‘Daryl
> Date: Friday, July 24, 2009, 12:54 PM
> Folks may I announce the passing of
> the Bushy in the
> following as announced by Jose: The singularity has arrived
> in that now as Jose
> says in yellow the
> world dived using the springboard of physicality into
> virtuality.
> Long predicted by pundits such as
> myself long riled
> against by the likes of myself we now have, and understood
> by basically no-one,
> I submit, the emergence of the first singularity viz.
> triumph of the noospheric
> over the physiospheric of through over actions of thinking
> over doing.
> The two have been at war since the Greeks first separated
> them, and intensified
> by Descartes – now abstract thinking has won. The
> grand tradition of the
> hand and its nested system handmade and its nested
> meta-system physiospheric
> evolution has been bypassed. New Life 2 Web 2 and its
> descendents inc.
> the descendents of email I am using here, have replaced the
> physical as the
> locus of authenticity of meaning with the mental the
> thinking the noospheric
> the virtual.
> Folks this overwhelm-ment is what
> the bushy artificer has
> been positioned against at least in a protest – I
> suspect from Joses piece
> there never was a contest like this one a real David and
> Goliath contest – well
> maybe David’s toenail. A conest with no one backing
> David indeed no none was
> even was watching except possibly for us and a few
> indigenous Einstein’s (deeply
> serious comment folks). Take the photos now folks
> (photos of your hands
> working and thinking in and with your kitchens, sheds,
> tools, rulers, pencils,
> scissors, projects you did, your actions your learnings and
> so forth) your
> grandchildren will not know anything of the bushy she
> won’t even be taught in
> ancient history courses in New Life 2 schools.
> Bushy RIP – disappeared into
> the tug of the black hole of
> virtuality which is then disappearing into the
> singularity.
> Folks this is the logic base we
> offer up on the alter of
> virtuality church?
> Is this it? I suspect so this
> logic base is what we
> up load now. It is the ‘Terminator’
> or ‘T’ logic base for all our
> first generation post singularity VL (Virtual Life)
> entities these emergent
> Forms Of Life will not have the logic base of the bushy as
> the basis of their
> operating systems – maybe you can understand this I
> doubt few will let alone
> agree to try to do something. This, however, is what
> has motivated me
> from before we met – somewhere in the world I want to
> be part of an effort to
> hand up a different logic base to emergent post singularity
> life forms – a
> bushy logic base.
> How I long for a parallel universe
> in our mulitverse
> ….. a bushyverse
> Thoughts?



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