Classless Bushies

I think the artificer (specifically the artiste) is almost classless. I have long thought that creativity will be the way someone can travel through the class system – while maintain working class roots (or seemingly) even like Jackson Pollock, but be loved and accepted by the upper class and in the same breath be accepted by rejecting them. I think it follows the notion of desire desires desire. It seems that in order for this to happen, the artificer has to capture the imagination; this seems to be done with some association with beauty (art as beauty) rather than only mechanical creativity (artifice as beauty). What the bushy represents, to me, is the avant-garde. I will always and forever more, be a supporter of the avant-garde in the sense of conservative – as in green and liberal. It’s how to present it to others and I am certain that day is coming. There is so much depression out there – so many people looking for meaning and meaningful work – that given half a chance the bushies could be viewed as new-age prophets (even though we’re not).

–Rebecca Doyle/Paul Wildman



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