Informal Bushy Survey

If you want to check out the readiness and interest of your community in bush mechanic/Artificer projects and concerns we suggest you try this informal survey.  Post results here and let us all know the results.

We have also drawn up an informal community-bushy survey, which reads as follows (to be chatted about with my neighbours and Men’s Shed members and drumming circle attendees).
“As a parent, a grandparent, a potential parent and any all duly concerned citizens”

Q1 Are you in any way fearful concerning the future of our born and unborn children; that is, given the way our world currently appears to be headed?

Q2 Do the unending reports of over population, resource depletion, environmental degradation, climate change, job loss, water shortages and so forth wear you down and distract you – even from living and sharing the “Good Life.”

Q3 Or are you more disabled by the relentless talk of overwhelming oil/fuel shortages, economic collapse, community infrastructure break-down, terrorism, artificial intelligence running amok or all-out world-war?

Q4 On the brighter side, can you see, and are you involved in, any realistic DIY counter measures to these going-ons that we ordinary, everyday people can enact, immediately, as civic-community-spirited individuals and as a thoroughly grounded, interfaith collective?

Q5 Are there any of these DIY’s that you have been directly involved with please?

Q6 Is there some value that you can see in supporting one another, and spreading the word, in regard to these DIY response initiatives and projects please and are you ready to help this happen?

Your kind response to these questions, to which I will further respond, will be certainly appreciated.
Warm regards, Your name…..

Developed by Ross Welch (Australia) with input from Paul Wildman and Iona Miller. (10-09-2009)


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