Folk Psychology as Narrative Practice – JCS

Dear Prof Mailbom Thank you for your piece on folk psychology and model theory. In this piece on folk ψ in the journal of consciousness studies you state:

Practice matters because folk psychological knowledge is knowledge of the (empirical) world only if it is combined with knowledge of how to apply it. By combining the general and the particular in this way, model theory gives a deep and explanatorily satisfactory account of the centrality of practice.

From my perspective I very much agree and also suggest that FP situates action that is the potential for practice scaffolds the potential for actions in the first place – potentially a chirophilosophy. In Australia there is a phenomena called the Artificer /Bush Mechanic which in German means Volk Handworker or Folk Handworker so it is trans gendered. We also seek to use this approach in our child care centres and your paper has helped in this regard thanks.

This is a phenomena I have been studying with a colleague in the US (who referred me to your excellent article) now for a decade.

I would be most interested in liaising with you on this topic as, as you will see from below (please see blue for relevant sections) this broader topic, lies outside most Academic silos/faculties. There is a lot more info on this on our company website can direct you if relevant.

Ciao paul



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  1. ionamiller Says:

    “” is their list where authors discuss articles and debate merits of models of consciousness. Here you get not only the author response, but other professionals in the group, including neurologists, etc.

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