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Billion reasons to go green

September 3, 2009

One billion reasons to go green. Sun Microsystems co-founder and current venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, has launched a $1.1 billion fund meant to spur on the development of clean technologies. The Los Angeles Times reports that Khosla’s $1.1 billion fund is split into two parts: $800 million will be used to invest in early- to mid-stage clean energy and information technology companies. The remaining $275 million will finance what Khosla calls “science experiments,” high-risk projects that may only exist in university laboratories at this point. The interesting thing is that Khosla is hoping to reach out beyond just traditional wind farm technologies and solar-cell manufacturers. As he puts it, “We’re doing bioplastics, lighting, engines, water and air conditioning–almost anything that can be made renewable, sustainable, more efficient and cheaper.”


Microgrids for Ecoburbs

June 13, 2009

A piece in todays Sydney Morning Herald (Weekend Business p.6) on the viability of Australia going Zero-carbon by 2020. Plans are being currently drawn up to demonstrate the feasibility. It relies heavily, from what I can gather, on larger solar collectors in our deserts and geo-thermal.

Paul Wildman

Folks remember from my previous post that 2 out of 3 kilowatts of electricity generated are lost in the grid dissipated by heat generated through resistance of the transmission wires.

Micro grids (a peer to peer – distributed source and parallel processing concepts as in computers) sustainability MUST be a way for us to take apart the unsustainable centralised everything society we have today – in this regard MG’s may well be a way forward that basically eliminate this loss. Individual houses going off grid is basically near impossible without heaps of changes in consumption patterns and this still leaves open equity and social justice issues for those who can’t afford it (as per my most recent missive on same).

Check out Microgrids: reliable power in a small package + attached

This is about communities of around 1/2000 folks going off grid say 3/500 households linked in an individual microgrid.

Imagine this tied in with the electric car initiative and bingo we have ecoburbs!!!!!!!! And this will be retrofittable to existing suburbs – retroecoburbs!!! (I want one). An internet of power and water and cars.